United Evangelical Mission
Mission in big cities

Sharing God’s love for people and sharing it with people. This is our aim in the mission field at the Evangelical Church of Cameroon.
John chapter 3 verse16 which represents the credo of the mission all over the world is more than that for us because the great commission is a particular mission given by God to every real Christian.
UEM (United Evangelical Mission) through the United Mission Team (UMT) gives us the opportunity of sharing & fellowship with people of different cultures, races and backgrounds. Mission in practice with a holistic task. Bearing witness in word & deed, to God’s love and care for humanity. A mosaic of diverse tasks with one aim: empower and fortify people thereby enabling them to hear God’s call and face up the challenges in their lives.
It’s really a challenge for us, despite our differences to feel one in the mission as all members of one body, the body of Jesus -Christ, the church.
Hong Kong, Douala & Düsseldorf are big cities where we have to reflect on evangelism. How to attract youth to church today? How to preach the gospel in an urban area, a secularized society in our modern European society like in Germany? How to help to build up the faith of people so as they don’t only be churchgoers but new born Christians?
How to deal with very busy people in a very busy city like Hong Kong? How to cope or to fellowship with people of different religions peacefully (like in Cameroon, with 70% Christians and 30% of Muslims)? How to overcome the silent war between Christians and idols worshippers?
How to live as Christian in a Buddhist & conservative society like Hong Kong (where we have only 10% of Christians) and where the idolatry represents a real challenge for the mission like in Africa also?
Preaching otherwise…

To provide high quality holistic service to people of different life stages, so that their spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical needs are satisfied and fully developed. This vision of the Chinese Rhenish Church (CRC) is also the one which inspired Evangelical Church of Cameroon (ECC).
In fourteen days, we lived together, sharing, exchanging & fellowshipping through visits, prayers, sermons, meeting new people and a new & different culture (eating with shop stick, drinking tea…)
It was quite interesting to know more about CRC history, vision, mission and implication in the society as church involved in the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s population.
The CRC has put in place an Activity Centre where people, Christians or not, can attend to some activities (painting, music, karate, and dance, teachings on family & society crucial issue like youth & drugs addiction, etc). These activities are made to instruct them and cultivate them while evangelising them somehow. In the future, they intend to change it to a family centre so as to help people to build a closer and stronger relationship with family members; by giving them more professional teachings.
Frequently, they can also use some events like Chinese New Year, Christmas and Easter to organize some evangelistic workshops.
Whether in Cameroon, China or Germany, we remarked that youth is very interested in arts, music and sports. So by using them, we can attract many people to church.  While discussing with members of Agape fellowship or students of Alliance Bible seminary, we realized that these means and even new technologies of communication are main means we can use today to touch more young people.
Youth caring
I found very nice for the government to joint the church in building a big centre for youth like Breakthrough Youth Centre; in order to fulfil their dreams and help them to construct a positive outlook on life.
This kind of organization founded on the Christian faith, is dedicated to serve young people of Hong Kong, considered as the future of the nation. This could inspire other churches and countries.
It’s a challenge to serve youths because they have with the actual social context, more attractive things outside.
Elderly centre
Very often elderly persons are not well integrated in our society, it was so good for us to see how church could help government to take care of old people through neighbourhood elderly centre. We don’t have such centres in my country and it is possible for the church to reflect about how to provide expanded functions and appropriate services for elders and their carers, so as to enable them to continue living in the community.
It was so impressive to see how the church encourages the outreach projects in Sai Paw wan, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia
Gospel contextualized…
Concerning the contextualization of evangelism or the mission, it was so impressive to see at the institute of Sino Christian studies, a Christian chapel built like a Buddhist temple. It was so meaningful for me as African because of that aim of promoting Christianity through Chinese culture. To know I can be fully Christian and also a good Christian by preserving my culture & language, things which made me unique before God.

From the right to the left : Esther, Iris and Barbara
This institute promotes the contextualization of Christian theology in Chinese culture and further dialogue with other cultures.

About the dialogue with other religions, we discussed with Rev.Joas Kahesi, a Tanzanian pastor, lecturer of Christian Muslim relations at the Lutheran theological seminary. He talked on the need of being careful, very sensitive on this approach while evangelising Muslim people, the need of listening most and preaching with our Christian testimonies.
As Christian, our behaviour can evangelise most, being the light of the world and the salt of the earth.
This was so concrete. Mrs Anneliese Hahn Wong, programme coordinator of foreign Domestic workers, explained to us her mission towards Indonesian women who are mostly domestic workers for Hong Kong people. Dealing with people of different religions who are living in a certain financial precarity, the best mean of preaching them the gospel & the love of Jesus is to listen to them and help them through fellowship & friendship building programmes, to give them basic computer skills, money management skills, counselling & advices, HIV prevention knowledge, women’s health care & English courses to enable them to overcome their poverty and difficulties. I was particularly touched by the ministry because in ECC, the women department has the same vision with similar programmes. But this can also inspire my church to put in place perhaps with the help of UEM, a project to take care of migrant workers in Cameroon and refugees.
In the same light, I was very interested to know more about Amity Foundation which has as leitmotiv the fight against poverty in mainland China. I wonder why that great NGO founded by a Chinese Christian can not extend its work to Africa where we also have great challenges in the development field. That’s why we wish more cooperation & partnership between churches in Africa & Asia because we noticed that there is more cooperation between Africa –Europe or Asia –Europe.
Evangelism by entertainment or Noah’s ark
Noah’s ark is a tourist attraction in Hong Kong .Its central theme of love, life, family and the earth and positive values make it a wonderful destination for family tour. This attraction park is also an evangelism park. In a typical society like Hong Kong, this is a fantastic and subtle way of evangelism through the movie on Noah‘s story and the exhortation to be like Noah who because of his character was chosen by God.
Using music to evangelise
Faith, famous musician artist, a model for the young generation. This young girl, who yesterday was singing worldly, today, is a new born Christian. Now she sings for the glory of God. She is well known and this has a great impact on the youth.
In addition to this, the project of a church café, managed by Barbara Steinheuer of Evangelical Church of Rhineland in Düsseldorf is another brilliant way of getting people interested in the church in this our secularized society.
I was impressed by the concept of the prayer wall like in Düsseldorf or the prayer room or garden in CRC, for we don’t have such in ECC however it can help to improve in our spiritual & prayer life.
We were very fortified in our faith by the testimony of Roy, a Cameroonian, student at the Lutheran theological seminary, married to a Hong Kong girl, well integrated in that society with a Chinese name. He told us how through his behaviour today, fortunately his family in-law is becoming more and more Christian.
By living together, knowing more about each other culture, family, churches and activities has made us to feel like a family.
It was so joyful and warm and to feel the fellowship while singing the song “Thank you, thank you Jesus” in Cantonese, German, French and English. We can say that living together and learning more about the mission was a winning challenge, really we are ONE in Jesus.